It`s a truly amazing experience of the holy city that one may enjoy while on a trip to Varanasi. It’s a walk through lanes, bazaars, Ghats and at the end has an experience of the vibrant and choreographed Aarti ceremony the city is known for. This is a highly recommended tour and is a more holistic way to experience the city of temples, the city of eternity, city where souls attain Nirvana.

Places covered: Godowlia Market, Bazaars, Vishwanath Gali, Bangles Market, Khoya Gali, Thathehri Gali, Kachori Gali, Nariyal bazar, Kites Market, Dal Mandi, Kinari Bazar, Chowk Area, Flower Market, Evening Aarti.

Inclusions – 1 Bottle Water Per Person, Guiding Fees.
Meeting Point – PDR Mall Box Office, Luxa Road, Godowlia.
Duration of Tour – 3 Hours (4.30pm to 7.30pm)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Benares is known as the City of Temples. This tour is recommended to start your day by experiencing local people offering prayers to their deities, making a visit to popular temples and shrines, experiencing early Morning Aarti and Sunrise over river Ganges, indulging into Subah-e-Banaras activity and seeing places of history and interest. The golden hue of morning in the holy city is worth to capture while sipping down the local Chai.

Places covered: AssiGhat, Rani Laxmibai Birthplace, LolarkKund, Wrestling Joint (Akhara), TulsiGhaat, DurgaKund, Monkey Temple, Boat Ride, Morning Aarti, Rickshaw Ride.

Inclusions- Boat Charges, Chai, Rickshaw Ride, Guiding Fees.
Meeting Point– Kashi Café, AssiGhat
Duration of Tour– 3.5 Hours (4.30am to 8.00am)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

It`s journey to the heart of the city where one can experience the lifestyle of people, feel the culture of the city closely and get wowed by the simple awesomeness of the serpentine lanes. It`s a journey that will foster Travellers to become a part of the city forever. See the life of local people living in the lanes through “Walk of Heritage Hidden Lanes” and also visit places like Weavers Haveli, Nepali Temple, Vegetables Market and many more places.

Places covered: Manikarnika Lane, Vishalakshi Temple, Nepali Temple, Lalita Ghat, ManikarnikaGhaat, Matri Rin Mandir, Kashi Karwat.

Inclusions – Chai, Morning B/fast i.e. Local Kachoris and subzi, Guiding Fees
Meeting Point – PDR Mall Box Office, Luxa Road
Duration of Tour – 3 Hours (7am to 10am)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Now Varanasi mornings are not limited to Boat Rides only. Walks of Varanasi`s Bi-Cycle Tour is a new and fresh approach of excursion in the holy city. This tour takes you to almost every corner of the city within a time, thus ensuring an experience which is ecstatic and memorable one. This tour is all about seeing the city in its raw form early morning, watching local people and priests offering prayer to their deities and gods on the ghats, insight of temples, breakfast culture, sumptuous delicacies and of course riding your way on the Bi-Cycle to kick start a fresh day in the city. It`s also a great way to have a fun filled ride in the serpentine yet colourful lanes of Benares. This tour is spearheaded by our escorts who are students of Banaras Hindu University and they let you experience the city local way.

Places covered: Banaras Hindu University, New Vishwanath Temple, SankatMochan, Tulsi Manas, Durga Kund, Assi Ghat, Rani Laxmi Bai, Lolark Kund,Lanka.

Inclusions – Chai, local b/fast, Bi-cycles, Bottle of Water, Guiding Fees
Meeting Point – New Vishwanath Temple Cycle Parking, BHU.
Duration of Tour – 3 hours (morning 6am to 9am)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Music in Varanasi is a tradition linked to the ancient times of the pauranik legends. Lord Shiva, who is reported to have established this city, is credited with developing music and dance forms. Experience the classical music of Varanasi through the talented local musicians and learn about the music which has formed this city. After the musical experience, our escorts will take you to alleys and markets in Varanasi and would show music of local life.
The Classical Music Tour is organized only in evening and is savoured in groups. However in case you require a very personalized Musical tour with private lessons/conversation on music and instrument with musicians, please feel free to write to us.

Places covered: Sonarpura, Bengali Tola, Bans Phatak, International Music Centre

Inclusions– Chai with musician family, Musician charges, Guiding Fees
Meeting Point– PDR Mall Box Office, Luxa Road
Duration of Tour– 2-3 hours (as per request)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

The walk takes you to popular eateries in lanes, markets and nooks. You begin with Chai, after which you get a famous taste of the south – bondas, dahi vadas and uttapam as only the dosawallah in local gali can make them. The walk then reaches Godowlia, with its many thandai shops, and if you are adventurous you could get this with a dash of the heady stuff. Then you can gorge on chaat, world famous in India! There are many chaat shops that have handed down their recipes down generations like gold treasures. Then enjoy chhena vada, launglata and lassi. And if it’s Banaras, you have to end with the paan – the Banarasi paan leaf has its own fan following! Unique and delicious – and healthy, because after all, you are walking, the gastronomic walk is the best way to get a taste of this extraordinary city!
The price includes all food and beverage cost incurred during the walk.

Items covered: TokriChaat, Palak PattaChaat, ChiwraMatar, TamatarChaat, Banarasi Lassi, BanarasiThandai, Launglata, Chhena Vada, South Indian Delicacies, Malai Toast, Malai Ghilori, Banarasi Chai, Banarasi Paan and many more.

Inclusions – Bottle of Water, sanitizers, wet tissues, Guiding fees, all food and beverages as part of tour.
Meeting Point – PDR Mall Box Office, Luxa Road
Duration of Tour – 3 hours
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Note: Varanasi is known for its super sumptuous breakfast. We also organize morning food tours.

Special Note : Cooking Classes could also be organised on request.

Lining the Ganges over the golden hue both in morning and evening, Ram Nagar is a small town and residence of the King of Varanasi. Ram Nagar fort has the King`s palace and a museum which is a repository of the history of the king of Banaras. Enjoy the boat ride to Ram Nagar and experience the magnificent view of the culmination of fort and Ganges.

Places Covered: Assi Ghat, Boat Ride, Ram Nagar, Ram Nagar Fort (outside), Ancient Durga Temple

Inclusions – Boat charges, Bottle of Water, Guiding fees, Chai / Lassi
Meeting Point – Kashi Café, AssiGhat
Duration of Tour – 3 hours (8am to 11am, also as per requested time)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Varanasi is the city of 89 Ghats where every Ghats has a story. The devotees visit these ghats and offer prayers and rituals to their deities and gods. The ghats have numerous shrines and have a spiritual life with priests, prayers and thousands of boats waiting for its takers.

Places covered: From Assi Ghat to Chousatti Ghat

Inclusions – Boat charges, Chai, Guiding Fees
Meeting Point – Kashi Café, Assi Ghat
Duration of Tour – 2.5 hours (as per requested time)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Banaras Hindu University serves as a reputed and popular study destination for lacs of students. The university was established in year 1917 and is the largest residential university in Asia. It is the house of New Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Bharat Kala Bhawan Museum, numerous organic gardens, a huge Library, numerous departments and more than 60 Hostels where 30000 students reside in.

Places covered: New Vishwanath Temple, Bharat Kala Bhawan (Museum), Rickshaw Ride of University, Hostel visit & interaction with students over chai, Madhuvan, University Press, University sports complex.

Inclusions – Chai, Snacks at students eating joint, Rickshaw ride, Guiding fees, Museum Ticket (Rs.250/-).
Meeting Point – BHU Main Gate
Duration of Tour – 3 Hours (as per requested time)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Varanasi, apart from Silk, is also known for it`s lacquered toys and miniature utensils. The set of birds, animals, orchestras, soldiers, dance assembles, kings and queens etc. carved out of wood is a fading art in the city limited to few families sating in a community. We will take you to the village and you can savour the experience of interaction and seeing the carving of toys done right in front of you.

Places covered: Kashmiriganj Toys Community.
Inclusions – Chai, Rickshaw Ride, Guiding Fees
Meeting Point – IP Vijaya Mall Box Office, Bhelupur.
Duration of Tour – 2 Hours (10am to 12am)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

When in Varanasi, one must visit Sarnath – the place where Gautam Buddha delivered his first speech “Sermon” after attaining Nirvana. This is a place of historical sites, Stupas, ruins, Monasteries, Temples and has lots of stories embedded in every corner of the place. Without an escort, Travellers may not be able to relate what they see. It`s a full day tour.
Inclusions – Transportation in AC Cabs, guide charges and refreshments (chai, water bottle, local snacks, monument tickets).

Meeting Point – Pick up from Hotel of stay
Duration of Tour – 5 hours (7.30am to 12.30pm)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Varanasi silk sarees and silk crafts has been famous all around the world since ages. Now, with modernization, the local art is dying. The tour emphasizes on visiting the weaver`s village, interact with villagers and weavers, understand their challenges and opportunities.

Includes transportation, guide charges and refreshments (chai, water bottle).

Meeting Point – Pick up from Hotel of stay
Duration of Tour – 4 hours (7.30am to 12.30pm)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Varanasi has a lot to offer to the travellers and a full day spent with a local could only enable you to explore serpentine lanes, hidden temples, lost art and craft, stories at every step, food that uniquely exquisite and of course the whole feeling of peace amidst chaos and honking streets. Have a tour with our escorts who love everything the city has and they will take you to path less trodden.

Inclusions – Boat rides, rickshaw rides and Guiding fees. Cabs, monument charges and eatables extra.

Meeting Point – Pick up from Hotel of stay
Duration of Tour – 8 hours (timing customised s per places and things of interest)
Mail or contact us for special group rates.

Learn to prepare homely Indian delicacies with some yummy chutney, eat up your cooked meal and end your day with an amazing Heena Art making you look like a true Indian. The local family will embrace you with their warmth and Indian feel.

Inclusions: Cooking class charges, Meal charges, Heena Art charges

Exclusions: Any Transportation

Meeting Point – Sparrow Café, Assi Ghat

Duration of Tour – 3 hours (12.00 noon to 3.00pm)

r special group rates.

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