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Get Wet by Nikki Tamboli on 10/21/2020

My partner has been struggling with her lubrication for a long time now, but there was nothing that could help her in that department. Well, that was till I came across this excellent arousal gel. I use it as part of the foreplay, and trust me as I say this from first-hand experience; this has to be one of the best things ever invented in this adult novelty world. It helps keep her ready for me and works with only a tad bit of stimulation. A highly recommended product for couples!

Seductive by Hina Khan on 10/21/2020

After a long day at work, I have always struggled to find the perfect way to create an ambiance that would lure my husband to bed early, leaving his office work. Well, the Lure Black Label is like a blessing by the orgasm gods. It not only has a smell I can wear even when I go out for work; it does an excellent job in making my husband want more. Even a thousand stars would be less praise for this product.

Gateway to Heaven by Hanna Montana on 10/21/2020

I have to give a salute to the manufacturers of this product that the efficiency made me squirt with delight. With speed settings that I can change according to my requirements, there was never a vibrator that could massage so many spots at once. I guess my partner now has a worthy reason for being jealous. I would highly recommend this product for any woman trying to feel what bliss is all about.

Excellent product. by SSP on 10/21/2020

I like it very much.

Amazing! by Austin on 10/21/2020

This is an amazing product, will always recommend

Headache like no other. by Zs on 10/19/2020

Got this at an adult store. Took it looking to have some fun with the wife. After 45 min, I got a slight headache but didn't think anything of it. Then I was attempting to have some fun with the wife and it seemed to have very little effect. It didn't hit up any easier than normal, nor was it harder by any means. After intercoarse, the headache seemed to get worse. I took Xtra strength Tylenol and this didn't help with the headache. The pain was throbbed for 8 hours, then I got to sleep. When I woke up, it was still there, but less pain. After 24 hours it finally dissipated. I would not recommend at all!

Mmmm hhhmmmm by Mrs.Woody on 10/19/2020

Works like a charm, and it does last for 7 days i totally will be ordering more, the hubby and i had a blast

Excellent product by Gladiator047 on 10/18/2020

Works great when used properly!

took one had to go to er for adverse reactions, rapid hear beat, slowed breathing,chills by bob on 10/18/2020

no good

I got to poop by lil d on 10/17/2020

Fuck y’all pills and the heart burn muricA

Amazing! by Itsme on 10/15/2020

I was skeptical but tried it anyway. She doesn’t know it. She’s been telling me all day that she’s never experienced something like that before. Her body would feel like she’s floating and then like it was on fire. I will definitely use this again as I enjoyed being able to wear a lady down again. It’s been awhile.

really works by RICHARD on 10/14/2020

i will buy again

best buy by RICHARD on 10/14/2020

great product

only one that works by RICHARD on 10/14/2020

great product

It worked very well by Ron on 10/14/2020

Will use again

Exceptionally well by Brad on 10/12/2020

Works like a champ and keeps her satisfied! I'd recommend it to anyone.

Felt nothing by Lia on 10/11/2020

I wouldn’t spend money on this again tbh.. it didn’t make me feel anything at all :/

Love it by Lovesß on 10/09/2020

Love it works before 20 minutes

Love it by Loves on 10/09/2020

This stuff is different

Not again by Nogo on 10/07/2020

I tryed this product at a store because what I always get was out of stock because it really works and had to settle for this to give it a try and it done nothing I saw another review said it took 12 hours before it worked for them wow want waste my money again

Horrible by Sade on 10/07/2020

Threw my PH balance off for WEEKS!!! I’ll never get that pill again

GARBAGE by Joe on 10/07/2020


Hard on all night by Nino on 10/06/2020

Had a hard on for 3 days

Great product by Countryboy on 10/05/2020

Great product works every time and is cheaper than the store

Works amazing if you want to get a rock hard boner and a raging headache all at the same time. by Alex on 10/05/2020

Works amazing if you want to get a rock hard boner and a raging headache all at the same time. They should mix Tylenol in with all the other BS already in it lol

Viagra has a challenger by BottomNowTop on 10/04/2020

I'm a total bottom. I've never been good at being a top because my boys won't act right and stay hard. I was on a work weekend in another city. I took the Kangaroo pill. OMG!! I was hard on demand when I needed it. I tore up some ass with Kangaroo pill. I guess I'm a top now. There were mild headaches. But the package warns of that.

WORKS by TA on 10/04/2020

Not one of the best but it does work, no headache. But i did get stuffy nose

My go to by TA on 10/04/2020

Good results, I have ordered this many times. Definatly my go to. No headache. Ready to go for 3 days

Works good by TA on 10/04/2020

Worked well nothing to impressive but it worked

Nice by TA on 10/04/2020

Rock hard, no headache its a winner

Pretty good “sting” by HammerJ on 10/03/2020

I tried these and found them to be better than average. In fact they were better than “5 day Forecast” which use to be my favorite !

Seizures by Kavana on 10/02/2020

I had 4 seizures, I kept falling all over the place, I lost my bowel movements, if my fiancée wasn’t here I probably would have died! I fell on top of her while I was trying to make it to the restroom! I do not recommend this product!

Amazing results by Rock hard on 10/01/2020


It was great ???? by Taytay on 10/01/2020


Ecstatic Kangaroo Fan by Hailstorm on 10/01/2020

So my long distance guy and I took this one for stroll. Holy Fuck I mean holy of holies ... I mean help me had the night of my life sore as heck for worth it he didn’t want to stop and didn’t he had only came three times our whole relationship he came twice in one night I had zero expectations because he had tried worthless sexpills so I didn’t have an ounce of faith i. This One but I am a Devotee never want to have sex with out it but on the other hand don’t know if I could handle it honestly and I can handle a lotttt. It lasts for three days huh well that mofo better get down here and not waste it!!!

I am 65 years old and typically use Viagra, but decided to try Super 5000; what a shock! by Brad on 09/28/2020

Immediate results with unbelievable effect. I had my prostate removed due to stage 4 cancer and suffered from ED as a result. This product is amazing! This products is real! If you suffer from ED this will definitely enhance your libido and enhance your performance!

RIP Cervix by Dixie Normus on 09/28/2020

Headache, and nausea...but my poor boy was going through periods of random erections whenever my baby mama touched the Bahama, did work as listed, she said I can’t complain about the headaches or nausea because I should have read, and it’s going to be a bad 72 Hours for me, but little does she know it’s a bad 72 hours for her because the erections keep coming, say a prayer, hope for The best, and RIP her cervix.

Greeat by Rodman on 09/28/2020

This product does the job for me

Worked well by Country cowboy on 09/28/2020

This is a great pill. Its worked for me. I am ordering more today.

Rock fucking hard by Dozed on 09/28/2020

Rock fucking hard good for 3days worth of strait fucking

Fab by Danny Houghton on 09/27/2020

Took 2 of the rhinos and i shagged my brother. Didnt state this on the packet. Lol XD

Horrible!!! by DT on 09/27/2020

It made me sick to my stomach, screwed with my blood pressure bad, made me sweat and my body hot. Worse part about it, is that it didn’t do what it claims to do at all either. DO NOT TAKE!!!

Bf takes these and its a world of difference ???????? by Kittyvat on 09/26/2020

We are both very happy with this product. No side effects for him.... And I'm all smiles

Bf takes these and its a world of difference ???????? by Kittyvat on 09/26/2020

We are both very happy with this product. No side effects for him.... And I'm all smiles

Perfect 3 day weekend.. fourth day allow her to suck it and crave your cum..but you by Long stroke on 09/26/2020

This is the best super blue pill.. .lept me throbbing I felt the pressure as I came with pleasure..and she would suck it back hard in 2 min..3 days of power..i mean power!!!

Awesome product by David on 09/25/2020

This product gives you that extra boost that you need when you need it and doesn't keep you wondering is it still working.

It totally su ty prised me and her. I recommend it to anyone wanting to up your game by Big nasty on 09/25/2020

It totally su ty prised me and her. I recommend it to anyone wanting to up your game

PERFECT by Mamabear on 09/23/2020

I LOVE this product. I bought a trial size from the store and it was AMAZING!!!

This Product Works For Me!! by Calvin on 09/22/2020

Everyone Needs To Try This One!!

This product is horrible by Joseph on 09/22/2020

Headaches, Nausea, Low energy, etc. I thought this product would of worked and seemed really interesting, but it’s not good and left me with all those symptoms. Wish I would of never tried it!

Useless by Madlib on 09/21/2020

It doesn’t work at all. Waste of money if you ask me

horrible chest pains by sexypusy on 09/19/2020

i took it and got me horny for a bit but had extremely bad heart and chest pains. make sure that if you buy this pill take it little by little. i don't recommend full pill its 3000 mg. overall horrible experience.

I ordered this pill for myself, waited for an hour. Didn’t feel anything or noticed anything different. Won’t reorder or recommend to friends. by Ezra on 09/18/2020

A bit wasted of money. Was expecting more to happen physically. Not strong enough personally.

A Special Touch by Jane Fonda on 09/17/2020

Over the years, I have been using lubricants regularly, but nothing could ever beat the way this aphrodisiac behaves. The lubricant comes with enriched beads inside it, which helps in the stimulation. The first time you feel it in your fingers, you would be reminded of skin exfoliation, and that makes the effect of the product all the more pleasurable. I love the smell of this water-based lubricant, and the fact that it is easily washable makes it all the more loved. I have suggested this product to most of my friends, and they all have loved it as much as I have. A must try!

The Perfect Gift by Sophia Loren on 09/17/2020

My best friend gifted me this dildo as part of a housewarming present, and I have been cherishing it ever since. It not only has the perfect size and girth but also feels very realistic. Washing this product is also very easy, and that makes it one of the most used dildos in my collection. It gives me intense orgasms within a few minutes, and I love the way I can hold this in my hands. It is indeed a perfect gift for those who like to pleasure themselves in their homes and want to keep things discreet as well.

Your Best Winter Wear! by Chaning Tatum on 09/17/2020

Trust me and go for this product. As an excellent item that works best for winter months, this cock sock is what you need. I have had the habit of sleeping naked for a long time now, and the winters were harsh for me. That is when I came across this rainbow cock sock and have been in love with it ever since. It fits snugly and looks pretty cute too (or at least my partner thinks so). The morning hard-ons are now more playful than ever.

A WASTE by Funsize on 09/17/2020

My husband and I was really looking forward to trying something new so we went to the sex store and brought a bunch of stuff and this pill was one of them. It LITERALLY DOES NOTHING for you. It’s honestly a mine thing. Nothing exciting about this. A waste of money.

It actually WORKS! by Mr. Skeptical on 09/16/2020

As a guy fighting E. D. issues, I've purchased so many products to help get me erect and not even the blue pill worked like this pill. Nothing worked, but stiff rox actually worked! Hardest I've been in 10 years. I'm truly amazed... My confidence is back!!

Definitely has worked for me by Wicked dude on 09/15/2020

Worked but didn't last 7 days. Will use again

Best pill on the market by X platinum fan on 09/15/2020

I tried this pill last night and it worked great. Just as described I job the job done. I will be reordering again.

Amazing product by Hillbilly on 09/14/2020

They work as advertised and make you into super man in the bedroom

I ordered the pill by Santiago on 09/14/2020

I am so sorry horny now oh my oh my ooooo I'm very hard as a ????

didn't work by precious on 09/13/2020

i took whole shot an hour before did not feel anything. took it on an empty stomach and with caffeine .

Very good by Larry on 09/12/2020

I like this pill

4star by Bhai on 09/12/2020

Very effective

Intense by Mal on 09/12/2020

So, my girlfriend and I decided to try these... and boy let me tell you... they work. ???? we noticed that it says a serving size is half a pill, so we cut one and each took half. Also, it lasts 72 hours. I’m currently writing this at 36 hours in... holy f*ck it’s still in effect. Two hours in: so many intense orgasms, we both pass out my midnight. Ten hours in: commence the most breathtaking morning sex ever. 24 hours in: car sex! 26 hours in: my girlfriend rubbed me raw!! 28 hours in: more breathtaking sex! And now, at 36 hours in. I’m still feeling it! We will be buying these again.

Great does what it says by Bvndz on 09/11/2020

Takes a while but worth it

You play you lay ???????? by Gravedigger on 09/10/2020

I’m 26 don’t need this pill but when I tried it of course I was drinking alcohol which is fine that extra boost with the alcohol and the kangaroo them guts didn’t stand a chance.

Rock hard by Fasteddy on 09/08/2020

Loved the pill was able to make my squirt 3 times in one sex scene long lasting for about 1hr of hard fast fucking Video on my Twitter for you to watch REMOVED BY ADMIN

Garbage by Cookie on 09/07/2020


Dependable by Eddie on 09/03/2020

It comes through every time! Highly recommended. I am over 50 and my girl will not leave me alone, says it’s the best sex she’s ever had!

Great by N/a on 09/03/2020

This is a great stuff

great product by Sweetie on 09/02/2020

got it for a friend and it did wonder for us 3rd time buying

Didn’t work at all by Warachnidx on 09/02/2020

I used it as directed and followed the instructions but it didn’t work at all for me. I won’t use this product ever again. And the shipping was very expensive and didn’t even get here on time.

Very good by Chilly Willy on 09/01/2020

My wife loves it too. Very happy

Fantastic by Rambo_One1 on 08/31/2020

After being skeptical about this product i decided to give it a try. For me personally it works amazing, and i am only 35

Excellent by Drayvendad on 08/31/2020

Fantastic works fine

Quality by Hard on 08/31/2020

Good product

Quality review by Hard on 08/30/2020

Good product

Balls in mouth by Jerry on 08/29/2020

Balls were in mouth that’s it

Grea by Tayler on 08/27/2020

I love this product waterfall is all I’ll say!

I hate it by Neeeee on 08/27/2020

DIDNT WORK AT ALL???? wasted my money

Half and half by Da Boy on 08/27/2020

My gf is probably not going to walk again after the all night pounding I gave her, I have to go out and buy a wheelchair for her. However this damn headache. If they tweak the ingredients and take away the headache they will have me on their payroll.

Half and half by Da Boy on 08/27/2020

My gf is probably not going to walk again after the all night pounding I gave her, I have to go out and buy a wheelchair for her. However this damn headache. If they tweak the ingredients and take away the headache they will have me on their payroll.

Uh...not a grat idea by Dick Listerman on 08/26/2020

So I read a lot of reviews about this product and I ain't never seen nothin like this here before, so I wanted to try it out!!!! LOL. So anyways, I picked up a bottle and went to use one, what, 45 minutes before, I thought I'd just try rubbing one out, you know, as a test. The thing they don't tell you is, you can't COME when taking these! You can't!!!! LOL it's physically impossible to ejunkulate with one of these candy things shoved into your torpedo. So DON'T DO THAT. It took FOREVER for that thing to melt and come out, and then I had all this backed up spoo and pee and whatnot and it jst felt like, you know, my ass was gonna take over pissing for me. So DON'T DO IT!!! LOL. I mean, seriously i don't know how ANYTHING you shove up your own meathole is going to work--plus I was all floppy and it took FOREVER to get that little bean all the way down my little dude. so DON'T. Go back to coat hanger, as that is way more easy to insert and lasts a lot longer and you can still pee around it.

Works like a charm by HappyHubby on 08/26/2020

I have been having issues having a fully hard erection. Stumbled across these and bought one. I took it about 45 min before heading to the bedroom and had the hardest erection I’ve had in years. My wife could tell as well and I had better control so I lasted longer. Great stuff!

Nothing at all by T on 08/26/2020

Me and my girlfriend took it . Nothing changed ?

This is the best pill next to Casanova by Buffalo Soldier on 08/25/2020

Been looking for a pill to replace the Casanova. Best so far, small headache in the beginning but over all it has done it's job. Looking forward to the next 7 days.

It didn’t work and I woke up with a headache by Dae on 08/25/2020

I thought it would work sex was normal and I woke up with a headache

GREAT results by 2koolbaby on 08/25/2020

More than expected. Return customer.

the best by RICHARD on 08/24/2020

highly recommened

Great by Charles on 08/24/2020

Rock hard and long.

Great by Charles on 08/24/2020

Rock hard and long.

Great by Charles on 08/24/2020

Rock hard and long.

Have not received yet by Lildick on 08/23/2020

Use b4 and it's a great product

Awesome product used a few times by Greeny on 08/23/2020

Awesome product used a few times longer and harder erections with erection on command

Don't pass this product by. by David on 08/23/2020

This product gives you the extra boost you need to complete the job for extra satisfaction for your companion.

WTF?! by S.Loflin on 08/23/2020

My husband and I tried this, his dick wont stay soft for nothing! Wtf did i just get in to with him? It is hard as fuck! My coochie feels swollen! Need help, S.O.S.! Send ice packs! I repeat do not let your man use this pill unless you want you coochie to hurt!

WTF?! by S.Loflin on 08/23/2020

My husband and I tried this, his dick wont stay soft for nothing! Wtf did i just get in to with him? It is hard as fuck! My coochie feels swollen! Need help, S.O.S.! Send ice packs! I repeat do not let your man use this pill unless you want you coochie to hurt!

Best ever by Joey on 08/23/2020

Great pill! Rock hard! Rocked my women's world with this!!!! Kept me from having an orgasm for 3 hours and then I blew the hardest loaded all over my women and she loved it

Works for me by BigD on 08/22/2020

I take a capsule every 6 days. No side effects. Works like a charm!!

Love it!!! by BigD on 08/22/2020

Great product. I take one capsule every three days to keep it in my system.

This shit sucks by Mr.365 on 08/21/2020

Took both halfs of the pill and still nothing mannn waste of money

Amazing by Zong on 08/18/2020

Received quickly. And lasted a week. Will definitely order again.

The best kit ever! by Nadine Millan on 08/18/2020

I can never stop gushing about the benefits of having such a starter kit all by yourself. Perfect for those who like to play with themselves in bed, this starter kit has everything you might need. Adjustable to 69”, this has an O-ring compatible for up to 3 sizes, ensuring the fact that you can use it according to your requirements. This also comes with a toy cleaner and lubricant which is safe to use and of great quality. The suction cup that comes along with it along with the 3 attachment sizes aims to please. The outer material feels like human skin, thereby giving you more pleasure. This body-safe product kit is a must-have for everyone.

Fun and Sensuous by Jim Laker on 08/18/2020

If you, like me, are someone who likes to experiment in bed, then you have to try on the Maxx penis sleeve. Trust me, you would not regret it at all. My partner loved it when it was inside her and that made all the difference. I could see the desire rushing in her face, ensuring the fact that I am doing at least something right. It is waterproof and sulfate-free, making it easier to use and wash as well. I didn’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Thanks for recommending this excellent product, Gear Isle.

Never felt so powerful by Tom Hardy on 08/18/2020

This has to be my first time trying an enhancement pill that didn’t give me any headache at all. I bought this as a surprise for my partner with whom I have recently moved in. The fact that it came in a discreet box didn’t give her any whiff of what was inside the package, keeping my surprise intact. It works like magic and comes well within my budget as well. A highly recommended product for all men.

Great by Happy woman on 08/17/2020

My bf is a self professed minute man I purchased one of these at a local specialty shop for a overnight away trip. He took a couple of hours before and at the moment lasted strong and hard over a half hour!!!! Then a couple of hours later a full hour !!! I’ve never been able to get it more than once in a day before I’ll be purchasing by the bottle worked fantastic! I’m a very happy woman!

love it by DaPlummer on 08/17/2020

great product

love it by DaPlummer on 08/17/2020

great product

love it by DaPlummer on 08/17/2020

great product

Best by Tom on 08/17/2020

Works great, been using for a long time

Mmmm by Sunset on 08/16/2020

Sunset sunrise! Good times, good supplement!

GREAT pill by Slitsmasher on 08/15/2020

Rick hard for several nights. Great results. My fiance was surprised at how much filler my erection was after the first time I took one. Will eventually buy in bulk.

It’s not worth it at all by Sam on 08/13/2020

I took this pill and all I have is headache it’s been about 2 days now tried almost every pain killers but nothing could relieve it

Works by Cory on 08/13/2020

Viagra does not work for me, don’t know why. I’ve taken plenty of brands from gearisle that work. Kangaroo seems to work with no side effects. Rhino brands are great but sometimes gives me heartburn next day. I need to take two of these 3000mg total, but now they come in 3k so I will buy those. Thanks Kangaroo, please stay in business. And thanks gearisle, always fast shipping.

Could tell difference. by Cory on 08/13/2020

My wife has tried several different brands. Some did seem to make her more wet. This pill however actually made her more into sex. Her clit even seemed bigger, and she wanted sex again 30 min after her orgasm. She’s taken this pill twice and I’ve noticed results both times. Kangaroo is the next best it seems. Anyway, real review here and just trying to help others find something that works.

Works well by Country hoodlum on 08/12/2020

I love it and so does she

Terrible by Fuck Rhino on 08/10/2020

Terrible! Just terrible experience. Gave me the worst headache I’ve ever had. Felt like a concussion for multiple days

Blurred vision, headache, not effective by James on 08/10/2020

Took this pill at least 3 hours before sex and on an empty stomach as suggested. ( I hadn’t eaten for about 5 hours) and I made sure to drink lots of water. My erections weren’t harder or bigger. And didn’t stay long after ejaculation. So I got none of the benefits that were suppose to happen, but I did get blurred vision, red eyes and a headache. So I would say that it doesn’t work and to try another enhancement drug.

This is the best pill I've ever used. by Erik on 08/10/2020

I get a headache for a day but after that I'm ready for a good 7 days.

Wow!!! by The big one on 08/09/2020

Made love to two girls for 2 hours with this...smh wow

Horrible by Prince on 08/09/2020

Did not work

Awesome by Melonee on 08/09/2020

I bought some of these for my boyfriend. This pill is awesome!! I have never had an orgasm just from intercourse before. With this pill I did for the first time and it was the best orgasm I've had in my entire life. Ee are sold on this pill it's a miracle in a little pill. Will definitely buy more. They rock!!!!

Good customer service by Christina on 08/08/2020

Good overall service will be recommending

Great all around. 1 hour per session by Mike on 08/07/2020

Great product

Works great by golfer26 on 08/07/2020

pill exceeded expectations. Works great. Will with out a doubt be ordering again.

Amazing product by Missy Marie on 08/07/2020

This product is absolutely wonderful. My man has tried dozens of products. Even Viagra. Nothing has helped except Xcalliber. It gets u up and keeps you up. Gives u the stamina to keep on going. You will love these pills! I know we do.

Amazing product by Missy Marie on 08/07/2020

This product works wonders for men who have problems getting it up or keeping it up. I am so happy we found this product. He is happy and I'm highly satisfied!

Works by SIM on 08/06/2020

They work. Give them a try.

Horrible! by harley13 on 08/05/2020

This was the worst pill that my boyfriend has ever taken!!! He Had cold sweats all night, he was hallucinating for about 30 minutes after he took the pill, his pupils were huge, ( there was literally a sliver of blue the rest was all pupil!) He did not at all get horny or hard, and he was shaky and could not be touched because he would get goosebumps as well as his skin would ache from me touching him. He felt like he was hung over plus he had a hiccupping fit for about 30 minutes! Worst pill in the world! We didnt even have sex because his stomach was so upset from the indigestion that the pill gave him, it was the worst pill ever!

Made to Last by Philip on 08/05/2020

Once again I am writing another review on Stiff Rox!!I Used one of these pills last Friday me n one of my Lady Friends were going at it for over 4 hours,it was like I was in beast mode.whoever create these pills is a genius,they get 5 stars plus from me.

It works! by Charles on 08/03/2020

It works for me! Thanks.

Blue Stool by Upset on 08/02/2020

Do not I repeat do not use this product. My husband and I started having bluish green stool 48 hours after using this product, and it has been going on for 3 days now.

Awesome product by Rictus erectus on 08/01/2020

This pill is awesome, intercourse for 3 hours straight

Not worth the side effect by Jcole on 08/01/2020

Pros: It really works, erections were supreme! Wife had a great time Cons: I had a massive headaches, sharp continuous pain down my legs couldn't sleep for days almost went to the ER.

After effects. by No Warnings on 07/30/2020

1) Extensive headaches 2) Aches behind crotch 3) Legs aches Take at your own risks!

Fuckin amazing by Sweet dick willie on 07/29/2020

She couldn’t keep my cock out of her wet pussy, she wanted anal as well, the pill was amazing.I dug in her ass for 2 hours shit was every where literally she wanted me to face fuck her as well she puked to all the bitches it’s worth buying so you can be treated like a slut

Super H-O-T!!! by Kat on 07/29/2020

Super sexy, quality, & value for this hot little number your man will LOVE! Mine sure does! Thanks, Gear Isle!

Gh by Biki on 07/28/2020


Great product, great price by Nick on 07/28/2020

Great product for the price. It worked for me and I am glad I got the deal. I always check your deals and find great products for great prices. I soon soon placing a bigger order for this product before the deal is over.

Worked by Bro Bz on 07/26/2020

This worked waaaaay better than I thought it would, "Shit was Harder than SUPERMAN kneecap!"

Sucks by Keke on 07/26/2020

Did not work for me at all!!

Good by Jamar on 07/25/2020


The best by SherwinAl on 07/24/2020

This is the best one that I have used so far

Does not work as good as wicked platinum by Al on 07/24/2020

Does not work as good as wicked platinum Platinum is a better product last longer

This is by far the best pill I’ve ever tried by Scott on 07/24/2020

This pill will get you rock hard ! And last in my system for around 5 days

didn't know that I could squirt by main on 07/24/2020

ordered some toys, got a sample of make me cum. Tried it with my new toy squirted so hard and fast. Ordered 2 full size bottles.

This stuff is amazing!!!! by Angeleyes on 07/24/2020

Gentleman you need to buy this stuff! It freaking works!!! Sex is amazing!!! You will be loving on your girl all night. Ladies you will be very pleased 110% Stock up!!!

Long lasting indeed by Philip on 07/23/2020

I was skeptical at first,a buddy of mines told me about it,he was like Man you need to try this capsules,so about a week later I ordered some and then I tried one and damn they actually worked,I was going balls to the walls,I will definitely say that they do work and I will order me some more!!!

Excellent product by John on 07/23/2020

In store it is 14$ plus, this is more discreet and less expensive!

Works better than expensive prescriptions by Victor on 07/21/2020

Works better than expensive prescriptions

This is outstanding by Yard on 07/21/2020

Awesome product

66 Works Great for Me by Kent on 07/20/2020

I must admit that i have sinus issues and it does irritate my sinuses but I take just a small amount of the capsule and it lasts for days. I take part of a capsule at least 3 three times so it last me longer than 12 days. My stuff gets really hard and It seems to add at lease another inch. Tried other stuff but they don’t work for me.

Pretty Good by Brett on 07/20/2020

This Product works if you just need a little extra kick. If you take 2 per the directions, it really works.

Good long lasting by Mclittle on 07/17/2020

There Greatttt

Works great. Effective for 2 sometimes 3 days on single dose!! Would n do recommend trying this product. Definite 5 stars!!! by Kelly on 07/17/2020


Terrible please please please don’t buy by Jay on 07/17/2020

Terrible doesn’t work and you’ll have a headache for DAYS!

Porno STAR ***** by Dougie $tyle on 07/17/2020

Love at first sight, I used 1 for the first time just needing some backup for what I did have,lo and behold it worked better ,the stores where I live can't keep them on the shelf,so with as much as I love to buCK ,I bought a bottle.

Great Results by Jandall on 07/17/2020

I tried this because I heard two guys talking about how great it was. I had never heard of it before. So I popped one on a Saturday when just me and the wife are home. About 45 minutes I was primed and ready to go. I have not been that hard since I was in my 20’s ( I’m 52). I don’t know how long I went, but I had to stop for a while to give my wife a break LoL. Then after a while went back at it. I think my wife was in shock. I could have done it again that evening but my wife said I was not getting nowhere near her. Ha ha...

It works almost instantly by Mike on 07/17/2020

I won't complain cause this product works awesome not perfect only because nothing is peefect.. just know it works and has many positive results.

Best female supplement ever! by JJ on 07/15/2020

Enhanced sensuality,

Not good by Latino 51 on 07/15/2020

Not recommended

Question by Wonder on 07/14/2020

I just got this thinking it’s for a woman will it work ?

FantastiC by JRiGG on 07/13/2020

great product works every time. I use them regularly for best effect.

Really good by Alexis on 07/12/2020

Haven’t tried them yet but they came really fast

Amazing by Nin on 07/11/2020

So usually I struggle to get it up but this pill literarily made me get it up without even being aroused which was crazy so you already know I’m about to reorder more.

They work well by MrMike on 07/09/2020

Love it

Keeps you hornier than him ???? by JazzySnazzy on 07/09/2020

I took this pill and I was wetter than ever. I was taking that thanggg girl like never before. Also the orgasmsss omg it was so amazing. I was still horny hoursss after using it. I bought it from my local sex store so I don’t know what to rate the shipping.

You would not regret this! by Ruskin on 07/08/2020

Being someone who often takes pleasure in going for sex toys often, I have always struggled with the idea of washing them, once done. However, this anti-bacterial toy cleaner has made it all the more interesting for me. All you have to do is pump a few drops all over the toy and then wipe it clean with a dry towel. As simple as that! You got to try the miracles of this to believe it. The fact that it has no smell at all makes it all the more miraculous. A highly recommended product for sure.

Pleasure has a different meaning by Sophia on 07/08/2020

I have always been a fan of trying out new things for pleasure and this, trust me and can beat every single thing out there. Made out of silicone, these are comfortable and easy to carry, making it one thing I reach out to, now and then. The best part of this was getting it delivered at my house quickly and completely discreet. No one understood what was there inside the package and the anticipation made it all the more worth it.

A Refreshing Flavor! by William White on 07/08/2020

Everything can be put to good use if you have some flavor in them. My husband loves cola like nothing else in this world and the Spanish Fly Drops is just a cherry on the cake. Since the time we both have tried this, we have been no less than satisfied in bed. It gives us certain energy and brings out our desires like never before. Thank you so much, Gear Isle, for introducing us with this magic potion!

Don’t buy by Waste of money on 07/07/2020

Didn’t kick in until after the sex and not in a good way. Very tired but couldn’t sleep. I’ve never experienced a headache this bad. Nauseous and cold. Will never take again.

tried them wt my spouse, he couldn't even penetrate by feeling rejected on 07/07/2020

horrible results

Better than Viagra by Tino562 on 07/06/2020

This pill rocks! Hard!

Look no further by Panty inspecta on 07/04/2020

Broke the pill in half and drank it down with two bottles of water and I felt results within the hour..Shes in for a long night.. i hope shes ready to bite the pillow.

Very happy by Supercharged Girlfriend on 07/03/2020

Bought one for my boyfriend to try out. He had never used one. Needless to say we are both very satisfied ???? It’s been about 15 hours and it still keeps on working lol. It didn’t take long for it to work and just keeps surprising us. Will be getting more for sure!!

Waste of money by Jasmine on 07/03/2020

I didn’t do anything couldn’t get wet it did the exact opposite of what it was suppose to do

A+ by Adam B. on 07/02/2020

The best ED solution I've used thus far. Even better than Viagra for me.

1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


1 by Rojer Horefman on 07/02/2020


VERY GOOD by Larry on 07/01/2020


VERY GOOD by Larry on 07/01/2020


It helped by Nin on 07/01/2020

So around my girl I’d struggle to get aroused but this thing helped and got me some top.

I love it by MAINE on 06/30/2020

Poseidon is so champ and really fast but cause me bad headache.

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